cynthia. (im_a_fakee) wrote,

went to nyc yesterday, i would post pictures although my memory is recovering. yeah. so we hopped on the bus and got to nyc about 10? then we took the subway to central park where we met up with all these people to hang out for leyla's birthday. we stayed there a while and then me camille and karina went off to chinatown. we saw marc there, random and we did some shopping. then we hopped back on the subway to go to h&m and forever 21 and the jewelry store. it was getting cold so we went to times square to go eat at mcdonalds. then we ran to catch our bus ride home. it was quite fun. im leaving for dominican republic next saturday the 18th. the 20th is my birthday i wont be home. ill be home the 25th though so ill probably have a little shindig. today is sylwia's birthday so were going over to her house and on wednesday is leyla's birthday! yeah son. so i need to start to pack oh and i got a new layout nice right? haha my photos are almost done recovering but then i would have to put them on photobucket so that i could put them on here and that would take fovever! so yeah ill be busy this weekend and week. later
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