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[Monday, December 25th, 2006]
its christmas eve, well already christmas day. guess what i got? thats right my macbook, im trying to learn how to fully work this thing but i got it down. yea so today a whole bunch of family came over and tomorrow a whie bunch of family is also coming over, but yeah i like my present uh so merry christmas!
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[Friday, December 22nd, 2006]
haven't updated in a while, uh so christmas is in like what 2 days? yea i believe its 2 uh yea i still have no idea what i want for xmas so im pissed at the world. today was gay as fuck, it was a half day and uh then i went and chilled at karina's, then max and nardo took us to wendys, then uh we fell asleep watching laguna beach repeats haha. yeah so nothings new really, right now though im tired as hell and tomorrow im going to be baking brownies. whoop. new years is soon! dont know what im doing yet but i am making crunk cups with jewels and shit on them, thats official. hahah. a week off from school, and i have like 3 projects and tests? niggas are wack.
lets post some pictures.

might be getting this nigro.

oh yea i got my room redone, its green and i got my loft bed and maybe someday ill post pictures, cause im really bad at updating, and i got a new userpicture oh snap. yea thats all for now. if i dont post later, merry xmas niggas
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[Saturday, November 11th, 2006]
went to nyc yesterday, i would post pictures although my memory is recovering. yeah. so we hopped on the bus and got to nyc about 10? then we took the subway to central park where we met up with all these people to hang out for leyla's birthday. we stayed there a while and then me camille and karina went off to chinatown. we saw marc there, random and we did some shopping. then we hopped back on the subway to go to h&m and forever 21 and the jewelry store. it was getting cold so we went to times square to go eat at mcdonalds. then we ran to catch our bus ride home. it was quite fun. im leaving for dominican republic next saturday the 18th. the 20th is my birthday i wont be home. ill be home the 25th though so ill probably have a little shindig. today is sylwia's birthday so were going over to her house and on wednesday is leyla's birthday! yeah son. so i need to start to pack oh and i got a new layout nice right? haha my photos are almost done recovering but then i would have to put them on photobucket so that i could put them on here and that would take fovever! so yeah ill be busy this weekend and week. later
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[Saturday, November 4th, 2006]
haven't updated in a while.
halloween passed, it was fun.
yesterday was the last football home game? i think?
anyway hung out with people, plus it was fucking cold, but not as cold as the last game.
its almost my birthday and im going to ask my parents for the following things/

a new bedroom, totally spankin new!thats the bed

the lomo actionsampler camera.

and clothes, and a trip to nyc.
i go on vacation on the 18th,
so i wont be here for my birthday but still,
get me presents!!
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[Saturday, October 14th, 2006]
yesterday i went to go see jl in concert. fucking amazing i sware. i love new york city, so so much. i've been drinking coffee all afternoon and night out of boredom. i watched hocus pocus and talked to eveline. im really tired and i'll probably fall asleep soon. i will buy clothes offline tomorrow with mom's credit card hah. its really cold and its only october. i still dont know what to be for halloween, suggestions? uh im tired, so im going to sleep.
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[Monday, October 2nd, 2006]
BALLIN! hah yesterday was much fun, went to NYC nigga, went with camz,karina,and max what?!?! yea you know we tore that shit up haha. so first we went to central park and we hoolahooped or however you spell it. then we walked through central park trying to find the metropolitian musuem of art, it took us quite a while but we saw lots of things. then we finally got to the art musuem and it was fucking amazing, we only got to see one part though cause it was a sunday and it closed early. outside there were like two performers/dancers and they jumped over four people, yeah crazy. so then we were fucking hungry like dieing. and we didnt want no central park hotdogs, so at the end we found this cart, and oh my god ive never tasted hotdogs that good haha,so we kinda forgot which way we parked our car, but i have a sense of direction so we found it. then there was major fucking traffic on the way home. we almost died haha max totally ran a red light and a car was speeding from the side haha. anyway we're going next week too and maybe we will do it everyweek if max has the car, until one day we live there at some penthouse! hahah here are some pictures, yea sorry there isnt mant cause my sis broke my fucking memory card to my camera but thats allright cause i just ordered one 2 days ago and its a 1 g, haha anyway pictures'' they fucked up lol
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[Saturday, September 30th, 2006]
okay so yesterday was a shit load of fun.
okay so first me and camz got dropped off at lucys.
looked at pictures from her sweet 16, which in fact was amazing.
then we started walking to blockbusters.
we rented 4 movies, and then went over to riteaid.
we bought 15 dollars worth of junkfood, like gummiworms and chips and shiet.
then karina met up with us at rite aid.
we walked back to lucys.
we watched hostel on her laptop, and ordered pizza.
26 dollars worth of dominoes.
i ate so much.
then we went and watched just my luck downstairs on her big screen.
we didnt get to finish it though cause max and edwin came to pick us up.
we drove home, i went on the computer and fell asleep at 1 because i felt like i was going to throwup the whole entire night; yea too much food haha.
today i woke up and cleaned my house a little.
then the bitches came over, haha we chilled all day.
we went to go get eggrolls at the chinese food place but i only bought an icecream.
then karina went home,
its almost 12 and im going to take a shower.
tomorrow is sunday and i dont know what im doing yet.
wow this is a long post lol.
shower time for me, then bed.
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[Saturday, September 23rd, 2006]
yo sons, whats up! just got back from the movies with karina, julie, and elba. yea, we went to go see jackass two and i already want it on dvd. holy shit i love the jackass crew haha im obessessed. so the movie was super good. oh yea we took pictures but julie has to scan those. i got free nachos cause the seller lady was an idiot. muahaha. and school is gay. tomorrrow is saturday, lucy's sweet sixteen! yea you know the crew is going to be there! what, definitely going to be fun. so ill post some pictures? cool.

want these shoes, need them, buying them? or you should buy em for me =)

oh my god i love jackass seriously i've watched every single episode haha

oh yea son! learning it.

thats all because i don't feel like uploading pictures-
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[Friday, September 15th, 2006]
i know i havent updated in forever. school motherfucking school. takes up so much time. im loaded with homework allways. well today we went over to karina's and sat around for a while and ate till we couldnt eat, then we went to the movies. the wicker man was sick, go see it! then we got ourselves those mighty good brownies from applebees oh yea! then we went home. im super tired and ill probabaly go to sleep soon. it smells like christmas trees for some reason. weird, anyway night.
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[Wednesday, September 6th, 2006]
summer is over. school started today, and it wasnt too bad. i went to junior lunch with camille but tomorrow im going to my lunch. haha 7th period lunch sucks ass. afterwards we got some pizza and walked home. i really don't like school. project runway tonight! more school tomorrow fuck that.
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[Tuesday, August 29th, 2006]
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[Tuesday, August 29th, 2006]
so today i didnt got to mountaincreek because it was quite cold outside. i basically watched kyle xy all day. then i finally got to sewing. i sewed a tubetop and a little monster. i need fabric. yea so i watched kyle xy cause it was like a fucking marathon but that shit was good. tomorrow hopefully im hanging out with lex and eve cause first they need to do school shit. im going to check my mail and then im going on aim. talihoe.
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[Monday, August 28th, 2006]
today was a shitty day the weather made me so fucking tired. i bought my tickets for oct.13 and im excited. mountain creek tomorrow if its not raining. tuesday chilling with lexi and eve, hopefully. wednesday fucking new york. rip that shit up. express bus there and 190 back. yea so today was a crappy day but my parentals said i could get a dog. so hopefully this will go down. school starts soon and i havent looked at my math packet or my book. thats allright though. dont know what im doing yet on thursday and friday' so hit me up with plans. i watched the emmy's today, those are boring lol. then i watched flavor of love 2 haha that show is hilarious, and then house. i want to post pictures but i hate actually posting them cause it takes about forever. i need to practice sewing, cause i keep procrastinating. i want a new camera, but my camera is fine. zinc smells good, for real. allright maybe ill post pictures? hm sounds like an idea but im lazy. i dont want to go to d.r. for my birthday cause i want to be home the 19th. i told my mom but she already has plane tickets. yea ill deal. i should clean my room cause its a mess and i still havent fixed the pictures on my walls. i need to wrap evelines present cause then ill forget. so im done talking a whole bunch of shit. later.
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[Sunday, August 27th, 2006]
yo son. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVELINE! so today i woke up and karina calls and asks if i want to go to the mall. so we go to the mall and she buys a dress and then we go and get pizza. then karina gets her hair did, and her nails done. oh yea she had a sweet fifteen to go to. yea so then we were at her house for a while. then i came home and some family came over. family is still here. monday' if the weather is good maybe moutaincreek. wednesday were hitting up newyork. yea son, then we must go to the zoo hah. yea im going to watch the osbournes and jackass and then im off to bed.
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[Saturday, August 26th, 2006]
no more beard. karina came home waited at the airport for ever. i got the best present in the world its a ring with a tree. its amazing. i just wished eveline happy birthday cause today is her birthday! so anyway we went to the movies and watched accepted; funny fucking movie go and watch it. and according to karina i got fat; wheeepppeee. okay im going to watch house!
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[Thursday, August 24th, 2006]
okay, yesterday i went to the mall and bought karina and eveline presents and some other crap. today i ate pizza and put extensions in for camille. tomorrow karina comes home, and im still not sure if im going to pick her up. my god i've got the biggest headache right now. so im going to take advil and watch house and then bed. goodnight.
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[Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006]
i didn't go to mountain creek yesterday cause things didn't work out so next monday it is. hm, today i baked chocolate chip cookies which were okay, i guess. my god im so tired, and i think i need a new bed. haha i think thats why i cant sleep. idk. im addicted to house and tea. and i ran out of lemonade which sadens me. i got this lotion that im in love with; its some buttermilk shit which smells real good. i need to get tape cause i bought some and it said it was good but it won't hold up my pictures on the walls. so basically i hae pictures laying on the floor. okay im going to watch another episode of house and then im off to read style magazine and ill hit up the bed.
-victoria beckham; anorexic.
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[Sunday, August 20th, 2006]
lemonade, love it. yesterday i went to the beach once again, it was quite windy. then i came home and watched house on the computer with camille, cause im too lazy and poor to go buy it at barnes and nobles. oh yes and ate icecream hah. then i was super tired and went to sleep.
i couldn't sleep much, my ear hurt. tomorrow im going to mountain creek. whoop. one week till karina comes home and i still don't know what to get her or eveline for their birthdays. help! maybe ill post pictures later. first i have to upload them from the camera. i want a new camera, with 9.0 megapixels and great zoom. allright im down talking shit. later.
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[Saturday, August 19th, 2006]
today i didn't do anything. haha i sat my lazy ass on the couch and watched tv all day. i wacthed big fish which was a really good movie, then i watched house; i need to buy seasons 1 and 2 on dvd cause im addicted and its never on tv. hm me and camille wanna go to newyork tomorrow, bus? yea, i am really tired but i can't sleep, i'm telling you i wasnt able to sleep for the last couple of days. i get my jenny lewis tickets today!yes! you're jealous, okay i'm going to watch foster's home for imaginary friends. woop.
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[Thursday, August 17th, 2006]
you know what really weird? im super tired but i can't sleep it's quite awkward. today i went to the beach and got some color to me. then i ate wendy's which i havent had in the longest time and i felt like puking a little. hm then i watched pirates of the caribean for like the billionith time and then i was pissed off that allison got kicked off of project runway. i hate nina gracia. yea so i couldn't sleep so i made karina and anthony a great collage. its great. hm, i should post pictures sometime, they are fun. there isnt anything on tv at this time it's pretty gay. i need to get karina and eveline extremely great bday gifts. got any suggestions? cauuse as of right now i dont have the slightest clue as to what to get them hah. i have a thing with drinking yellow gatorade all night long, and i just cant stop drinking gatorade, it's only at night though. weirdd. well everything is spenldifurus!
-snap, crack, pop.
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